How It Works

Into Print charges a one-time fee to create the master pages (PDF files) for your book, working with you until you are completely satisfied with cover design and internal pages.

Copies of your book are printed in Australia when an order from a bookseller originates in Asia Pacific (e.g. Wheelers,; and in the USA when an order originates in North America (e.g. Barnes & Noble, Ingram,; in the UK for Europe (e.g. Bertrams, Gardners, WH Smith, Waterstones,, in various other print factories around the world to fulfull local demand, including for non-English language titles.

Into Print pays you all of the revenue from each sale, charging a 10% (of print cost) handling fee. Into Print delivers your author copies to you at print and carriage cost + a 10% (of print cost) handling fee (a few cents per book, in other words).

Into Print supplies metadata about your book  to the major bookseller databases so your book will appear on booksellers’ lists, and web booksellers’ web sites worldwide. Non-English language titles are listed with relevant country booksellers.

Your book will appear on all of Amazon’s sites worldwide, on Barnes & Noble in the US, Booktopia in Australia, Book Depository in the UK (often with free delivery worldwide) as well as being available from independent bookshops and chains.

Wholesalers such as Bertrams, Gardners, Coutts (all UK) and Baker & Taylor (US) receive comprehensive details about the book and a cover image. Into Print submits books to Google book search and Amazon ‘look inside’. Into Print will, on instruction from the author, create and publish Kindle and EPUB editions for sale via e-book platforms such as PLAY, iBooks and Kobo, and alongside the print edition on Amazon.

As the author, you retain copyright and ownership of your book. Into Print becomes your production and distribution department. We’ll also advise on how to publicise your book and how to get in touch with bookshops that specialise in your book’s genre or subject matter, are local to you or are amenable to hosting a book launch.

Photo of Kevin Marsh holding two of his books with book display alongside in Camberley shopping centre
Entrepreneurial author Kevin Marsh signing books at Booktique pop-up bookshop